At The Handpiece Company we are specialist trained in the repair of w&h handpieces and NSK handpieces, we also service and repair all other brands and makes of handpiece. We only use genuine parts for our repairs unless otherwise requested. having a good range of suppliers who provide these parts to us quickly and reliably on a daily basis.

Having an up to date workshop is paramount to doing the best repair, tooling for each brand of handpiece is custom made specially to fit the desired application. Without these tools you cannot guarantee that the job is done correctly and most importantly in accordance with warranty terms and conditions.

In The Handpiece Company workshop you will find nothing but the latest tools for the job, a clean work area, air conditioned climate, safe storage for your handpieces, and a purpose trained man to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Please call the office on (07)54464834 to ask any questions about the repair of your handpieces or the progress of a job.